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PV Plant Optimization USA

PV Plant Optimization USA

Example realtime data for a solar PV system

Today I’ll be speaking at the 3rd Utility Scale PV Plant Optimization USA conference hosted by PV Insider  in San Jose, Calif. Over the two days of the PV Plant Optimization conference, the speakers include a melting pot of PV developers, EPC groups, utilities and technology providers. No matter their role, everyone is there to share their expertise on how to improve utility scale plant performance, referencing and providing data for large-scale projects either under construction or operating in the United States.

During my talk titled “Understanding PV Plant Data Sets to Maximize Performance,” I’ll be exploring graphical analysis of PV plant data. I also dive into what data you need to look at in order to answer the big question, “How is my plant doing?” In the slides below, you can get a general overview of the challenges and opportunities surrounding PV plant data. I’ve also included some sample customer dashboards and kiosks for both utility-scale and rooftop PV systems.

I hope you were also able to catch my colleague Steve Schumer’s participation on a Q&A panel on “Maintaining PV Growth in the U.S.” earlier this morning.

Following the conference I’ll have more insights to share, but I wanted to take this opportunity to post my slides and invite anyone who attended the conference or is interested in this topic to join the conversation here in the comments. Feel free to ping me with your questions. Don’t worry if you missed the conference – we’ll be posting a video of my talk so you can join the discussion.

Understanding PV Plant Data Sets to Maximize Performance

Saurabh Samdani

About Saurabh Samdani

As a technology and optimization specialist for Cupertino Electric’s Energy Alternatives Division, Saurabh develops the methods for solar performance analysis of more than 80 MW of Cupertino Electric solar power installations. Holding a master’s degree in construction engineering from Stanford University and having spent years working for solar companies where he drove innovative processes for deployment of solar power plants, Saurabh regularly evaluates new products and optimizes designs for Cupertino Electric’s award-winning projects. His expertise using cutting-edge visualization and statistical tools allows him to accurately project and interpret solar performance data.