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Can your Data Center Support Evolving Technology?

Requirements for data center networking infrastructure are rapidly evolving. Emerging technologies continue to focus on automating and simplifying operations within today’s data center. Density and size are the core factors in determining the network infrastructure of a data center.  Consolidation, virtualization, and the use of cloud services are three primary examples of how evolving technology can [...]


  • Notes from SPI 2012 - CEI's Saurabh Samdani recaps the 2012 Solar Power International conference http://blog.cei.com/solar-power-international-2012 #
  • CEI welcomes Project Executive Mike Coleman to the Data Center Division. Coleman has more than 23 years of engineering and construction experience, with 10 of those years focused on Design/Build mission critical facilities. For the last decade, he has immersed himself in data center design and construction. In addition to a number of successful mission-critical projects for some of the world’s largest software and technology companies, Coleman brings modular data center experience and proven leadership skills to his role at CEI. #